Compress iUV can print on anything

I love this sample sent to me by our Swedish partners ACG Fyrtal. In particular I am impressed with the way the designs follows the contours of the product and demonstrates Compress iUV can print on anything! See more from ACG here

Promotional and giftware printing on the Compress iUV1200

We are often asked “…can you print on this or can you print on that…”. Today we took that to a whole new level. These many, many items were all printed on the iUV1200 ready to be displayed at a promotional and giftware expo.

Compress iUV Printing onto Natural Stone

We like the decorative ideas being presented here for Compress iUV printing onto natural stone. Once again the applications are endless for home decoration, interior design or even awards and trophies.

Speed tests on rotary bottle printing with Compress iUV600s

To help out a customer we just ran some time and motion trials, and speed tests on rotary bottle printing with Compress iUV600s. We were really happy with the results on these 2 pass prints, the total time was 2:59 including reloading of blank bottles for the next print run. That’s a realistic production rate of 40 bottles per hour.